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Do to lack of options, I had to take all of the parts out of my Acer Aspire 3950-UR30P and transfer them into a new desktop tower. The computer is up and running, BUT, the power button is constantly blinking blue. Could I have something wired wrong? Really the only things that are new, are the power supply and the case. I added a graphics card some time ago but it has always worked fine with that. It runs windows 7, and also everytime it gets shutdown it wants to update a bunch of things, windows just updated itself last night. Thanks!

Usually if the power light is blinking the computer has malfunctioned and will not come on. This is a code on some brands of computers that tells you there is some kind of major power or hardware failure. If everything is working correctly, there may be no problem.
If the new power supply is not the same as the old, I would consult the maker of the new power supply to see if this is normal. However, to a certain extent, I would not do anything if the machine is running properly.
For more information you could also check the Acer site.
Really, with the machine working perfectly, this may not do any good but you could reset the BIOS by turning the machine off, unplug, take the coin size battery out and leave out for approx. 10 minutes.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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