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My PC has some problem which i cannot figure out. Sometimes PC will start without no problem but otherday i tries to start the PC it boot startup then 30 second shutdown. It always shutdown when OS is Loading. Can Help me problem - Motherboard / Power Supply / RAM ???

Hello Syam. Open the side case cover and take a look at the motherboard. Take a look at the capacitors to check for their condition. I have supplied a picture via link to determine a bad capacitor from a good capacitor. If there are bad capacitors, you can have the motherbaord repaired or replaced, depending on how much it is worth the repair. http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/3/8/4/8/2/7/webimg/458360537_o.jpg

If all your capacitors check out fine, I would check internal connections (power and data connectors) to make sure they are all firm in their sockets. If they are firm, I would check that their are not any screws or metal touching the motherboard directly (besides the screws properly holding the board in place). Pick up up the computer while it is unplugged from everything and tilt it left right upside down and listen for any loose objects inside. IF you hear anything bouncing around, find the cause and fix it. We wouldn't want anything to be shorting out inside.

If everything appears clear above, check the heatsink for dust build-up. Also check while the side cover is off that all the fans are spinning properly with the computer on. Also check that the heatsink is properly seated on the CPU. A loosely seated CPU could cause overheating very quickly. Depending on the age of the computer, I would clean the computers heatsink now anyways since you are already working on the computer.

If you can access another computer ad have a blank CD, you can download Memtest x86 and burn the bootable program to the CD and do a full memory test. Let it run all the way through. If there is a bad sector of RAM, errors will appear on the list as it hits those sectors of the RAM. IF the RAM is bad, replace with the same spec RAM

A bad power supply can have bad capacitors just like a motherboard, however the likely hood that a bad power supply will make it through all the above tests is highly unlikely. If it makes it through no problem, we can most likely deem the power supply to not be the problem.

If you have the time and resources, download and burn to a CD a Linux OS and try to boot your troubled computer with Linux. Don't install Linux, just choose the option that lets you run it as a Live CD. If the computer works flawlessly with this, there may be a more local problem...specifically with your hard drive or operating system.

Try all these things in order as described and if the issue can not be found, get back to me what what you did find so I can further help you.

Have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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