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I want to upgrade my PC but are not sure if my CPU are going to bottleneck my GPU. I want to build my PC to play games at 2560 x 1440 at Ultra - Very High quality. Should I upgrade my CPU?

CPU : intel i5 760@2.80
Want to upgrade to : Gtx 780 - 780 ti

What CPU do you want to upgrade to? The GTX 780 is a graphics card. Just trying to clarify what you are asking.
Straight out. If you are wanting to upgrade the CPU to an intel i5 760@2.80 and the graphics card to a GTX 780 I believe that would be a good combination. Another bottle neck to look for is with the system RAM. Even though it is not utilized as much due to the memory on the graphics card, if you have too little it will be a bottleneck.
If I am totally off base and you just want advice on what to do to avoid bottlenecks and be able to play graphics intensive games. This is all considering what you budget is. If budget is not a problem I would go with a new motherboard that supports dual video cards, a quad core processor, close to the max amount of system RAM. Even if you start out with just one video card you always have to option of adding another.
Get back with me on more clarification. I have built many machines and can give more detailed instructions.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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