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hi....my problem is little bit complicated.first i dont know which part of my computer is causing problem.while working normally , my pc stops working. keyboard stops working(i know because lights shown for the numlock capslock dont change when i press the respective keys),curser do not change its position that means mouse is not working. Screen displays same (for example if i am playing a video it gets paused, it will not go blank ).i thinks cpu works at that time because i can hear the noise made by the fan and also dvd drive comes out normally. And when i restart the pc it wont restart ..just the screen goes black but cpu's light remains.But when i on the computer after 1 hours , it starts but after 5-10 minutes the same problem occurs mentioned above.
the surprising thing is that before 3-4 months , the same problem was there and i unplugged everything and kept it that way( because my exams were started .i decided to take it to the shop after my exams)..but after my exams it worked normally 4-5 days...and again started causing problem.
hope you understand my problem.
pardon my english

I think because everything seems to work, just not all the time, there may be a cooling problem, a power problem, CMOS battery problem, or even a hard drive with errors to the point of corrupt data (this opens up the problem of a virus which caused the problem in the first place).
Is this a laptop or desktop? How old is the computer? What brand? What kind of anti-virus software are you running?
Get back with me with answers to these questions and we may be able to narrow down wherein the problems lies.  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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