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QUESTION: I was given a HP DV$ 1222nr that won't start.  One of the memory modules was loose and I re-seated and switched them around, no help.
there was no power adapter so I am trying a couple of generic replacements.  The Battery light (lightening bolt) blinks about 1 per second.  Pressing the power button causes the upper row lights and fan to start up for 1/2 second.
Is this board fixable?

ANSWER: As long as those "generic" adapters are actually the compatible universal type those should be fine. You can try pulling the battery and seeing if it will power on without it, some laptops will.
Usually a blinking power indicator like that means the battery is bad but there is no no real way to tell for certain without having a tech take a look at it. Not sure it's worth buying a new battery just to see if that is indeed the problem.

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QUESTION: I get totally nothing with the battery removed, which I thought was unusual.  Real shame batteries are so propriatary, I have another HP battery of the same size and shape with the tabs in a different spot.  Is there a way to charge the bare battery, with like 6 tabs on it I didn't know where to start.

Getting nothing with the battery removed isn't too surprising because not all laptops will power up from the wall plug, with it removed.

I don't think there's anyway to charge off that other battery to test it aside from some scary MacGuyver type electrical wiring job which I wouldn't recommend.

If you have a battery store, like Batter Xchange, or similar in your area you could take the battery in and have it tested. That would at least let you know if the battery is still good.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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