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QUESTION: How do I find a good qualified business to look at my 2011 Dell computer to see if it has hardware issues that need addressing, good ahead and address them, reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows 7 from my manufacturers' disc? So far it sounds like it might be rather pricy to get  my computer looked at and worked on. Particularly if I can't find someone that doesn't charge hourly. How do I know when I've found a good and fair computer technican that doesn't give themselves a lot of overhead that I'd end up paying for?

ANSWER: The first place I would go is to one of your friends who knows more about computers than you do. To a certain extent you may not need a computer technician. You did not mention what specific problems you are having, just "hardware issues". If you could give me a little more detail I could help you. Some problems don't involved removing and replacing hardware for a fix. The fix can be done through the OS. Give me more details or just google what problems you are having and let me know what you find out from the search.

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QUESTION: My old computer had started making loud rumbling lagging behind type sounds for the last few months and had had two major virus attacks the last of which made some softwares  never since run on the computer and defragging impossible. Dells are generally very quiet and I'd like this computer to be quiet and fully functional again. It still runs far faster than my very recent purchase of a Dell with Windows 8 on it but some programs it no longer runs properly. I already asked around for friends that knew about  this type of thing and turned up no one. How do I find a good tech place?

ANSWER: Again, before I looked for a computer technician who has a shop and everything, I would see if I could fix the computer myself with the help of some of us guys here. I need to know the answers to the following items and I believe I can help you further right here.

Is the computer functioning but just making a noise? What is not functioning?
What operating system (OS) is it?
Is it a desktop or laptop?
What is the model number of the Dell?

Just from you last post I would bet that going to (how you get here will be dependent on what OS you are running) start> run> in the run dialog box type "cmd", press enter. The command prompt box will open. Type, exactly like this, chkdsk /r and press enter. Let this run. It could take hours to complete but will detect and repair errors on your hard drive. From the information you've given, errors on your hard drive caused by viruses or just corrupt files is the problem with your machine.

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QUESTION: It sometimes makes the rumbling noise but not always. For a while I was unable to use the USB ports so it was a miracle I was able to get a recent enough backup of all my stuff. My 3D printing software stopped displaying objects correctly. They were vertically very stretched like the aspect ratio of that program only was tampered with and I had no wish to test to see what other variables may have been screwed up. It doesn't defrag which says to me there is still other things going on in the background I can't turn off. I just don't trust it as is.

It's Windows 7 and was fine for two years before having problems. A Dell Inspiron. I don't know model number but 10/19/2011 was the manufacturer date. Desktop.

If you got a backup and get to system recovery. I would take the machine back to its state when you bought it. If you have an OS disk and can reinstall doing a full reformat that would be even better. There are corrupt sectors on the hard drive.
One more thing, have you tried just going to Computer, right click the C drive, click properties and then click tools. Run Scan disk and make sure you check fix errors. See what happens. If it stops there are bad hard drive problems.  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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