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Hi Ricardo. Hope you've been doing well. I recently tried to almost completely download a free software called camtasio studio in one of those free shareware websites. Now I've noticed it changes my homepage when I first log online using google chrome. I've changed it back but it overrides the command. And there's also this small window that sometimes appears asking me to back up my pc to the cloud. It's some kind of adware that's still in my hard-drive. I've tried to erase all of the recent download but something is still inside of here. Do you know how I can get things back the way they were? Enjoy your weekend.

HI Sterling,

Yes, lit looks like spyware was installed in your computer. Two ways to get back to normal:
Assuming you're running a version of windows XP or newer, you may go back to a restore point that should have been created before the latest installation, or backup.
If you don't have a restore point, you may download Malawarebytes Anty-Malaware from www.malawarebytes.org and run it. It is not a bad idea to keep it and run it at least weekly.


PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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