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I have a "compaq" cpu and monitor of HP.I have been using it since 5 years without any hard and soft problems. Actually, I face a problem in my cpu these days.When I switch on the button of cpu,sometimes (not always) exhaust fan swings fast in loud sound(more than normal)and cpu starts to reboot repeatedly.I have to switch off the cpu forcefully.Sometimes this rebooting starts in middle of the working on desktop make irritation and loss of work done.
I supply the current to cpu and monitor through "INTEX" UPS.
Kindly, solve this troubleshoot.

Hello Rajesh. It sounds like the internal power supply may be at fault for your desktop. I would check the power supply with some equipment to see if the voltages are stable. To do this you either need a multimeter and a way to short out the green and any black pin on the main connector of the power supply and check each line indivilually, or you could get this http://www.ebay.com/itm/PC-computer-LCD-20-24-Pin-4-PSU-ATX-BTX-ITX-SATA-HD-HDD-

I would also check the motherboard visually for any blown capacitors. Capacitors stabilize voltages and current through a component and if capacitors are blown, the voltage required to run the computers individual components may be too high or low and could cause what you are experiencing.

I will link a picture to what blown capacitors tend to look like:
http://i.stack.imgur.com/wgKEH.jpg The middle capacitor is good. The two capacitors to the sides are bad, one bulging, and one bulging with a fluid leak.

If you have bad capacitors, your issue can be fixed by having the capacitors replaced, although it is a tedious task and may cost the price in labor of a new motherboard unless you know how to do it yourself since the replacement capacitors are really cheap.

I would also check for dust buildup. If the computer is dusty inside, especially on the heatsink(s) of the major components, you could have an overheating computer. An overheating computer can also help contribute to capacitors blowing and/or sudden shutoffs when it gets too hot.

For cleaning, the best method to clean the computer internally from dust is using an air compressor and small, unused paint brush of some kind. The air compressor will be strong enough to get most of the dust out
, especially in and around the heatsink(s), but the paint brush may help to knock and fluff some of the heavy dust lining off the components, at which the air compressor will then finish blowing out. Never clean a computer while still plugged in. I would highly recommend cleaning the computer in a large area outside as the dust content will filthy up a house really fast.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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