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I have Win7 64 Bit and I got Speccey Free.

It gets all system specs for you to look at.

But when I install it it just installs and does not ask me where to install into.

And yes it did go into C:\program files.

But because it did not ask me I do not know if I sould keep it.

Is this ok is this how this program works what is your thoughts?

What site did you download it from? That will tell whether or not something may have piggy backed in with it. There are very few download sites I trust due to personal experience and the bad experiences of friends. So far so good with filehippo.com and majorgeeks.com . For a long time I thought CNET or download.com was good. One of my good friends downloaded a program from there not long ago (something having to do with video) and got a trojan.
I think Speccy is put out by Piriform. If this is correct, I would try to download it from the Piriform site. As far as I know they are reputable. I have got Ccleaner and Defraggler from their site with no problems.
2 other things:
1. Another clue to whether or not you have a legit program is to try and remove it through the control panel>programs. If it is not listed there at all, I would be suspicious of it and run a malware scan on the entire computer to see if it detects and will remove it. Forget about this if #2 is the case.
2. There are other programs out there that tell hardware information. I have never used Speccy but one I have used for 32 bit systems is HWinfo32.exe (got it from Majorgeeks). As you can see it is an executable. Meaning it is not installed. After downloading it and saving it to where you want, you double click the icon, click "Run", it scans the PC instantly and tells you all the details speccy does.
Let me know.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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