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My website has a control panel to create a new post and when I press Update / Save and it takes a looong time to finish updating using my computer. When I use another computer it happens much faster. Is that an issue with Ram or speed? What can I do to speed my computer when updating posts? By the way my computer is great for surfing the web.

There may be different setups software-wise and externally on each of the computers you have tried. Are you using the same web browser on both computers. Are you using the same version of chosen web browser? Have you cleared the cache of both web browsers and tried again? Are the computers running the same operating system? Is one connected via WiFi and the other connected via Ethernet cable. Are they even connected to the same router? How much RAM do each of the computers have and what operating system is on them? Is there a wireless phone base anywhere near any of the computers? (<---That last question is specific to being connected to the Internet via WiFi)

I can not really be of help until I learn more of what you are running in detail on each computer. The questions above may lead to your answer already. If not, feel free to answer what I've asked above in a follow-up question and I'll see if I can spot something that may be causing the issue.

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PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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I can answer most No POST problems, compatibility between parts, upgrade options, troubleshooting, etc. Before you ask me a question, please do some research. I do not give PC speed reviews for video games.


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