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QUESTION: I installed an old version of Adobe photoshop elements on my old crappy laptop. I have used this program before on this computer but it crashed a year ago and has since been fixed. All we do on this computer is internet and basic photo editing, and we have a lot of photos stored on it.
I have windows 7 and 4gb of ram (3.6 gb useable)
I tried to open adobe photoshop elements 2.0 and it says it can't start because the virtual memory is too low. I looked up how to change the min and max amounts but I don't know what amounts to put in. I don't want to break this old thing again.

Thank you

ANSWER: You actually don't want to manually enter memory numbers at all. Under those min/max boxes should be a little radio button for Let Windows Control (or something like that, the exact wording escapes me currently).
Select that option, then restart the PC and you shouldn't get that message again.

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QUESTION: I know that button is already on, but there still isn't enough memory to run the program, which is weird isn't it, being such an old program? There are people on the internet suggesting I turn the limit off entirely.

By selecting that button that essentially does turn off the limit and allows Windows to use as much as it can get. Your problem might be more relatated to Windows 7 itself uses a fair amount of memory.
If your computer is old enough and it's running 32-bit Windows 7 (you can check by right-clicking Computer and looking and looking at the General tab) you are pretty much stuck because your maximimum memory is 4GB.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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