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For my system build, I'm considering the asus maximus vii hero for my motherboard. It has mixed reviews online as far as quality, and I'm wondering what are some possible issues I may have with it. My processor is the i7-4790k. Also, what are some possible alternitives? Because of my processor, I'll need the LGA 1150 socket with the Z97 chipset. Thank you.


I have never used that specific motherboard. However, ASUS is my favorite brand of hardware. I have never had a complaint about an ASUS component. It has also been my experience that a particular component can get mixed reviews just because one or two bad reviews. Some people are never going to give anything a great review.
You could do the way I do and look at a cross section of reviews on the item from all over the internet. This way you get a good idea from a lot of places.  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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