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I have a cq60 615dx laptop that was overheating, and I took it apart to clean it, and repasted thermal paste.  I removed cpu briefly just to inspect it, and cleaned and installed artic silver alumina on cpu and gpu, folliwng Artics guide per my cpu, using just a drop of it on the chip.  

I then reinstalled, and everything runs good but the cpu temp never changes, whether I use speedfan, pc wizard, cpuid.  The only time the cpu temp changes is if I reboot it or put to sleep and immediately wake back up then the temp will refresh.  I've updated my bios to what I believe is the current version (F65).

Don't know what else to try???  It doesn't seem to be overheating anymore.  I tested it by streaming two youtube videos at the same time, and put it to sleep and immediately woke it up, to get it to refresh the temp, and the temp hasn't gone above 45c.

Would you just leave it be at this point or tinker some more with it?  My goal is to get by a couple more years with this machine.  I only use it for browsing at home.

It's possible that the overheating/temperature spikes were a result of dust clogging and/or bad contact between the heatsink and the CPU, and that in cleaning and re-seating everything you've gotten the machine back to OEM performance (which, by design, shouldn't overheat). If the CPU has throttling technologies and your usage is relatively light/average, it is reasonable to believe that when properly cooled there wouldn't be significant changes in temperature. Speedfan is also, unfortunately, fairly inaccurate if not configured right, so it may not be reading the right sensor (or sensors). Have you tried HW_Monitor?

As far as "is this dangerous" - the system should shut itself down if it overheats to a critical point (all Intel CPUs since Pentium 4, and AMD CPUs since the K8 generation (both of these are "ancient" by modern standards) support this), and if you're not experiencing lock-ups or shutdowns, and it isn't getting alarmingly hot on your lap or to the touch, I'd be inclined to believe things are working within specification. Without further information this is, unfortunately, impossible to say with absolute certainty though.


PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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