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Dear Keith,

About a month ago, I bought a new CPU. Everything was fine for the first few days, until it unexpectedly crash. The only way to switch it on is to restart the CPU. I will try to give you as much details as I can on what I have done and experienced in hope you can diagnose this problem:

1. Crashing usually occurs when opening a game but can happen while watching videos (Youtube, Streaming and even Windows player)

2. The cpu can be fine the whole day doing something else but as soon as I open games, it will crash almost immediately. Games I play are Minecraft, Minecraft: Story Mode and Archeblade.

3. It crashes most of the time as soon as I launch the games but sometimes it doesn't crash at all or only much later. It could just be me but I think that if I leave my CPU on but not running anything for like 20 minutes or so, it seems to crash less; but this could just be coincidence.

4. I have changed monitor, power cable, monitor connecting cable and even keyboard but it still crashes

5. I still have warranty but every time I took it to the computer shop that sold it to me, nothing will happen and the CPU does not crash.

6. Last time, I left it overnight and the manager played games and watch movie on it and it didn't crash. When I came to collect it, it still does not crash. I took it home and it did not crash for the first 2 days but start to crash on the 3rd.

7. I have tried it on my LCD Tv screen but it still crash. I found out my LCD Tv screen was till working and we can flip channel

8. There are no notification or anything. Just sudden blackout, my monitor light will blink and my keyboard lights will shut off and cannot be switch on. The CPU doesn't make any noise once it crashed but it still emits light.

9. I share the power outlet with my laptop running concurrently and when the CPU crash, my laptop remains active. I have tried using the CPU without my laptop and it still crashes.

The manager said he can't do anything unless it crashes in front of him but if it doesn't I am not sure what else to do. I am hoping you can give some guidance, shed some light and opinion so I can share it with the manager. Because we are all stuck now

Thank you and best regards,

The first things that come to mind is that the cpu is overheating. Check to make sure the cpu fan is running and there is thermal paste between the heatsink and cpu. If you are overclocking this will cause a crash. Are you using onboard video or a video card? Using onboard video could be taxing the cpu.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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