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I know DMi 1.0 has Four Lanes and has 2.5Gbps coming and going for a Total of 1GBps.

But DMi 2.0 has how many Lanes and what is the Data it has going and coming?

The net tells me DMI 2.0  is 2GB  but this can not be right because that would be 1Gbps coming and going.

And this is not right Thanks.

You're digging more into Computer Engineering which is well outside of my skillset so at best I can point you to Wikipedia, which you probably already checked. They have different numbers than what you're quoting however.

DMI 1.0 was 10 Gbit/s each direction using 4 lanes.
DMI 2.0 is 20 Gbit/s each direction using 4 lanes
And DMI 3.0 is 8 GT/s, or GigaTransfer which looks to roughly come out to 64 Gbits/s.


PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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