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why my laptop hard disk increasing space day by day

Hello Pradeep. Your question doesn't say if the free space is increasing or if the used space is increasing. If the used space is increasing, there could be multiple reasons, combined or not, on why more and more space is being used up on your hard drive.

The most likely reason is generic usage of the computer and Internet browsing. Browsing the web downloads temporary files in a hidden folder attached to the Internet browser to make loading faster and to reduce bandwidth across networks when loading something that has already been loaded before on said computer. Other things that can increase used space is "Windows Updates". Files have to be downloaded and then extracted and installed to the operating system. The Windows Update files can add up to take quite a lot of space. Programs in general can add data to the hard drive in the background taking up space. Most programs have at least a "settings" file that is made, and often a cache folder much like the Internet browser behaviour mentioned earlier.

You can download, install and run a program called "CCleaner" and it will give you the option to safely remove a lot of background files that build up over time from web browsing and other temporary files created by other programs.

If "used space increasing" is not what your question meant, please let me know in a follow up question. I would also ask for some detail when asking your question so I have a better understanding of your scenario. Have a great day!

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