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Hello and thanks in advance for your time and help! I am wondering if it's possible and what is needed in order to recover jpg photos off of failed hard-drives- I have heard of slave-driving with another computer and using recovery software but have no idea what direction to go. I am just hoping to get old family photos back if possible. Also- I know you can also do this with memory cards and if you know of how to get the most deleted photos off of memory cards or could point me in the right direction to information regarding this that would be fantastic! Much thanks!

Your best option is to get an adapter that allows you to connect it to the hard drive and then plug into a USB port. If the drives are just old, and not actually bad drives then that will be all you need to do to be able to browse the drive from the computer you've plugged it into and move your photos off.

If the drive is still good, it will show up in 'Computer', or My Computer, depending on your version of Windows (and I'm assuming Windows. If your PC is Linux I won't be much help)
The you can double click on it and browse down to where your files are, usually 'X'\Users\username\ on Windows 7 or 'X'\Documents and Settings\username on Windows XP. From there you can just drag/drop the files you want to your computer.

Something like this, although there's tons of types:

Given the choice for local places where you might buy one I'd look for a Frye's or similar and do your best to avoid Best Buy, and not even consider asking any 'Geeksquad' member for advice. They couldn't find their a** from a hole in the ground as far as computers are concerned and will only make matters worse.

This article has some useful info

Here is a list of free Data Recovery programs. If the drives are bad then one of these might still be able to recover the files. You would install one of these on your computer and then run it, after plugging in the drive, then point to the drive and let the program run.

The only one I personally have used before is Recuva and it works pretty well. Some of those others might also be work checking out.

As far as memory cards go, you might also be able to use the same software to scan the memory card. Either buy plugging it into a memory card reader if your PC has one or even connecting your camera via USB cable and doing it that way.
I've also used a program called ZAR for recovering photos from memory cards before.

When it comes to downloading free software, also, don't EVER use sites like CNET. Those downloads are jammed with malware. Always go straight to the maker of the software's website.

Hope this helps.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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