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Mr. Rigsby,
I've got a Dell Optiplex 980 desktop.  I generally don't ever turn the speakers on, and just listen to anything via headphones.  Recently, I caught the headphone cable with  my arm as I was reaching for something, and jerked the jack out a little more violently then it should have been jerked, probably.  Anyhow...now the headphone jacks goes into the headphone connection hole (on the front of the computer) fine...but something's a little off.  If I push it in all the way, I get sound from the right headphone speaker...but nothing from the left.  If I pull the jack back out slightly, I get sound in the LEFT headphone speaker...but nothing from the right.  I guess my jerking the cable out must have mis-aligned something.  Do you have any suggestions as to what I might could do to fix it?  If I switch the audio to USB, it sounds fine...good stereo, really nice...just like it USED to come from the headphones.  I guess I could use the USB port, but I'd really like to fix my headphone connection the way it used to be.
Any suggestions or advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,

Best guess without actually looking at it is that you probably broke some of the internal soldered connections for the front audio port. Your only option if you want to use the front port would be to take it into a computer shop and have them check out the port and probably re-solder the leads for the jack. It should be fairly easy to fix.
Beyond that, the USB adapter like you mentioned, or using the Rear headphone jack instead would be your next options.

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