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Hello Flinix. Hope you've been doing well. Here is my problem. When I click one time at the bottom of my task bar the "file explorer" folder. I then single click on my "pictures", my "documents" or my "videos" file. From there if i want to open any file within those folders I have to do a quick double click. Is there a way I can access everything within my folders with one single click? My computer is a windows 8.1

You can change the number of clicks required to open documents and folders by going to Control Panel, change the layout to icon view if it is not already there. From there, you will see a section for your mouse. In there, you can change the opening of items with one or two clicks. Normally, one click selects and two clicks opens. Choosing to open with one click will make hovering over an item or folder automatically select it and the one click will open it.

Sorry for the long wait on the response. Have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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