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Hello Bobbert. Hope you've been doing well. Here is my problem. When I click one time at the bottom of my task bar the "file explorer" folder. I then single click on my "pictures", my "documents" or my "videos" file. From there if i want to open any file within those folders I have to do a quick double click. Is there a way I can access everything within my folders with one single click? My computer with a windows 8.1

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "access everything with one single click" - do you mean you don't want to double-click on files or applications to open them? Or that you'd like to have a direct short-cut to "Documents" or "Videos" as opposed to going through "File Explorer"?

Both are actually possible, however are achieved through different means. The later is much easier - when you have whatever folder you'd like to access quickly open (let's say "Documents"), right click on its icon on the taskbar and select "Pin this program to taskbar." It will add an icon for that specific folder or library to the taskbar.

Single-click to open files or run applications, also known as "point to select" is an option with Folder Options. From the Windows Search (not a web search), just type Folder Options and you should be taken to the right control pane (if that isn't working, you can open Control Panel and search there for "Folder Options" or go into Control Panel -> Appearance & Personalization -> Folder Options), and from there you will see an option to change from "Click to Select" to "Point to Select." Select "Point to Select" and hovering the mouse over an object will select it, and clicking it once will activate it. Finally, if you'd like to have the same functionality for bringing windows into focus (that is, if you hover the mouse over a window, it gains focus, as opposed to having to click on it to bring it to focus), that is also possible. That setting is found in Accessibility, under Ease of Access Center -> "Change how mouse works." From there you can select "Activate a window by hovering the mouse over it." You can also search for "Change how mouse works" via the Windows Search or in Control Panel to find that panel. Another feature you may be interested in is called ClickLock, which allows you to select and drag objects without having to hold down the mouse button. This setting is accessed from the "Mouse Properties" control panel; searching for "Mouse Properties" or going Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers -> Mouse.

All four of the above features are mutually exclusive - you can enable or disable whichever you like dependent on your personal tastes and access needs. For general Windows use there should be no negative implications to enabling Point to Select, Hover to Select, and ClickLock together, however some non-Microsoft applications may behave oddly with those features enabled (some games, especially, tend to have trouble with ClickLock and Hover to Select).

If you have any further questions, or need clarification, feel free to ask.


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