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I have a hp(monitor)/compaq(cpu) PC for home use.I have a problem with my computer.
Sometimes while working on computer,there's come "cut" sound from ups(intex) and my computer restarts.This ups sound may be due to slightly power fluctuation (it is too difficult to recognize the fluctuation)It occurs sometimes continuously and sometimes only once.
Observing the reasons,I checked my earthing,extension chord and ups,but I can say that there should be no problem in these settings.
Because the same settings were well working from first 2 years,after purchasing of PC.
I changed my damaged SMPS(it damaged due to short circuit in the loose wire connection in the back of cpu) last year,after that 4-5 months later, restarting problem started.

While searcing on google, I came to know that it may be due to PSU(Power supply unit).Please suggest me.

If it is,can I change the psu(smps) of old computer(pentium 4) to this computer(core2Duo).

Seeking the help from you .I am from India.


Dear Rajesh

I would first suspect your UPS. I would recommend you bypassing your UPS for a day or two and see the behavior. If issue still persists then it could you be power supply outlet or SMPS.

This would be the way, I would isolate the issue.  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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