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I got a assembled PC this week which has "4440 i5" processor and DH87MC.       and am using primary hdd as 250 GB for fast booting.

my question is...

1)  How much maximum hdd (GB or TB) memory capacity that i can use it in that configuration?
2)  How to calculate that?

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Dinesh Kumar

1. I don't think there is a maximum size hard drive. The 250 GB is fine as long as it is not an old ide or 5400 rpm. Memory is an entirely different thing. Your motherboard will support a max of 32 GB DDR3 1600. It has 4 slots.
2. You just have to look at the system specs. Mostly of the motherboard. I googled it and came up with the specs.
Intel® Desktop Board DH87MC  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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