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I have had the same problem with the character with the carrot on the top,  inserted into emails in Mozilla Thunderbird that I have received as answers to my emails. I am on Windows 7 with whatever are the final updates available there, I am running Thunderbird 31.1.1 . Mozilla seems to have made changes to how it handles ( or now, mishandles) font displays. I have made no changes to my system's display settings until trying to correct this problem. Again, I have never seem these odd characters ( and others) until recently, and they come from within my own system.

My Tools>Options>Display>Formatting>Advanced>CharacterEncodings settings were originally: Outgoing Mail: Unicode (UTF-8) Incoming Mail: Western (ISO 8859-1)

Per  one suggestion above, changed both to Unicode (UTF-8).  Than some other settings.  Still the same

Thank you,   Gabe

That character is often displayed as a result of the system either not having the correct font to render the text you've received (e.g. you're receiving Japanese characters in an email and don't have a Japanese font loaded), or formatting/encoding errors in the text where punctuation or other unicode characters should appear. The issue is not necessarily local - it may be with the sender, or the email service you're using as well.


PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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