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I'm not a techie and this is such a basic question, I know it's dumb. I plan to buy a new desktop PC with Windows 10. Like a lot of them I looked at, it has 8GB of memory, which is fine for me now. I believe it has two memory slots. If I want to add memory down the road, is that doable? I'm guessing I could replace one of the 4GB sticks of memory and replace it with 8, making 12GB of RAM? Or would each slot for some reason have to remain at 4GB? Thanks

Yes, you could take out one of the 4GB sticks and put an 8GB in its place. This is highly not recommended though. When installing/upgrading RAM, you always want to install in matching pairs to ensure the best compatibility, speed, and ensuring that you can get dual channel memory flow. I would recommend that if you upgrade the RAM from 8GB that you forget about upgrading to 12GB and just go straight to 16GB, which would be two 8GB sticks.

On the other hand, 8GB of RAM is quite a lot of RAM as it is. You may never need to upgrade it. If your computer ever feels slow, its not the RAM that's the problem, but most likely bloatware (junk programs and addons) that come with the computer.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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