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I have win7 64Bit and an UpStar 32 Inch HD TV with HDMI Ports.

I have my Cable going to HDMI port 1. and my PC going to HDMI port 2. and all works good.

When I leave my PC on Desktop and switch imputs and go to my Cable Port to watch TV all is ok.

But when I go back to my HDMI port for my PC I get a Blue screen and no Desktop.

Now if I take my HDMI cable for my PC and take it oput of my TV and put it back my Desktop Pops right back on Screen.

What is making my TV Loss the PC Image when I switch Imputs?

This sounds like the TV or PC is loosing sync connectivity with each other when inputs are switched. I have seen this, especially with an analog signal, but it is possible with a digital signal as well, depending on the construction of the chipset on the TV. When you disconnect the HDMI and reconnect it, you are resetting the hook-up signal and therefore are forcing it to re-read the monitor specifications as if it is being hooked up for the first time.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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