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I'd greatly appreciate it if you could provide some input for a problem I have with my laptop (Windows 7). The "soft thing" in the "H" key came loose, so I used a bit of glue to glue it back on to my keyboard. But then, five keys stopped working: the left Alt key, "Q," "S," "D," and "G." The "h" is still working. I scraped off the glue, but it does not help. What is wrong, and how can it be fixed? I know never to get any glue onto my keyboard again. Thank you in advance!

ANSWER: You didn't mention if this is a laptop or just a normal PC keyboard but either way, unfortunately, you're really kind of out of luck. on it. Keyboards are one thing you really can't 'fix'. When they have a problem or broken key you're really stuck just replacing it.

If it is a laptop, you can still replace them fairly easily. You can usually always find laptop spare parts keyboards on Ebay that are usually quite inexpensive and there's almost always Youtube videos showing how to replace them. Most of the time it involves a couple screws on the bottom and using a nail file, or similar thin tool, and popping out the frame around the keyboard and then just lifting it up and unclipping a connection.
It might sound complicated but really isn't usually.

If it is a laptop and you send me the model number I can send some links to videos and replacement parts that I find.

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QUESTION: Thank you, Mike, for your prompt reply. I have a laptop. I just need to replace the keyboard without replacing the motherboard? Could the motherboard be damaged also? How would I know if the motherboard needs replacing, too? Thank you!

I'd be very surprised if there was anything wrong with the motherboard or laptop itself. Chances are the glue just seeped a bit and distrupted the connection between the keys you mentioned.

Impossible for me to say for certain without actually seeing it but I'd say the rest of the system is most likely fine.

You could potentially take it into a local computer repair shop (stay away from Bestbuy if you have one around there. Geeksquad have no idea what they're doing.) and get an estimate on it just to make sure it's the keyboard.
I just wouldn't do it if that will cost you too much. I've seen keyboards on Ebay for $15-20 and I've replaced ones before that took about 10 minutes, maybe. So don't let a computer shop charge you too much of an outrageous price if you do take it in.

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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