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Hi Flinix,
I'd greatly appreciate it if you could provide some input for a problem I have with my laptop (Windows 7). The "soft thing" in the "H" key came loose, so I used a bit of glue to glue it back on to my keyboard. But then, five keys stopped working: the left Alt key, "Q," "S," "D," and "G." The "h" is still working. I scraped off the glue, but it does not help. What is wrong, and how can it be fixed? I know never to get any glue onto my keyboard again. Thank you in advance!

Hello Shirley. The glue has some moisture in it and when applied to the keyboard, it shorted out a trace that runs and operates the keys Q, S, D, G, and Left Alt. The traces run from the center of the keyboard out to the edges like "spider lightning". The "F" key, being between "G" and "D" is likely on the trace next to it, as well as the same scenario for the keys around the "left Alt" key. The "H" key is right next to the root of the trace, so the signal for that key is still functioning.

I had at one time had a keyboard that some liquid spilled on and shorted a trace together, except when you would hit a key in the affected area, it would enter all the keys on that trace. So I would hit the "Q" key for instance, and Q, W, S, D, F, and C would be typed just from that one key press. Also take into account each keyboard is different, so the affected keys may be different each time with a similar type of damage.

The best thing to do is to buy a new keyboard and have it installed in the laptop. Keyboards are one of the easiest and fastest repairs on a laptop since they are usually accessible without taking much else apart, if at all. The repair can be done in 2 minutes by a skilled repair person. This can be done by yourself and if you feel unconfortable taking the keyboard out, you can always search for a disassembly guide or video to help you.

You can use an external USB keyboard on your laptop until you get a new keyboard for it with no problems.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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