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I'd greatly appreciate it if you could provide some input for a problem I have with my laptop (Windows 7). The "soft thing" in the "H" key came loose, so I used a bit of glue to glue it back on to my keyboard. But then, five keys stopped working: the left Alt key, "Q," "S," "D," and "G." The "h" is still working. I scraped off the glue, but it does not help. What is wrong, and how can it be fixed? I know never to get any glue onto my keyboard again. Thank you in advance!

ANSWER: The glue must have been water-based. If not the problem may not be as bad. So, first question, what kind of glue did you use?
Also, by "soft thing", do you mean the piece between the plastic part of the key and the actual button it pushes. Did the glue get on the keys that stopped working?
I know this is a lot of questions but I am trying to narrow down whether there is a short or if the keys are actually glued down. Hopefully it is the latter. Then the issue will be what will remove the glue without damaging the keyboard. Google "laptop keyboard repair". There is a lot of info there.
Keep in mind also, if you are not already, you can use a USB keyboard as a work around

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QUESTION: Thank you, Keith, for your prompt reply. It is the Elmer's white glue, therefore I believe it is water-based. But I used only a little bit; I'm surprised it even caused this problem. Yes, it's that soft, flexible  thing below the key cap; what is that called? No, none of the glue got on any other key; I even had the very area covered when I applied the glue. I did google about this problem. Thank you!

All kinds of things come to mind so just allow me to spout off a few possible fixes. These go from subtle to replacing the keyboard.
Leaving the machine off unplugged from power and being patient may prove to be the fix. You could try to incorporate something to speed up drying but time with no use in a dry environment may be the ticket. One of my friends told me he kept the little bags of stuff(the stuff that says on the outside "not to eat", usually comes with about anything you buy that is not edible) that keep electronics dry because he successfully dried out cellphones with them. I've also heard that dried rice will soak up moisture. I said all this without saying, yes, you are correct, Elmer's is water based and you could just have a moisture problem.
Beyond this we have the fact that part of the keyboard may be damaged beyond repair. This would involve replacing it or using an external USB keyboard for the life of the machine. I'm not sure how mobile you are with your machine but this may be cumbersome to lag around a keyboard with your laptop. They to make small roll-up keyboards. Never tried one.

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