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PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM/Laptop fan and hard disk Problem(perhaps)


Hello Mr.Saleem,

I have a Lenovo Z570 laptop which is about 4-5 year's old.Until last year Jan my brother used it nominally i.e only for work and movies and similar stuff.Later from that time he gave it to me, from then until now used it extensively for playing Dota2(That's a online game which requires lot of performance).Recently about a week back my laptop got into a really slow performance.It was so slow that the right click on the screen would nearly take 20-25 secs to pop up.And if I refresh it another 10 secs.opening google would take 2 mins minimum.So i've taken it to a hardware shop where he said the fan isn't working to it's capacity.He said this statement as soon as he switched on the laptop and by the sound(It made a strange sound sometimes).He opened the back and confirmed it that it was running too slow.Then he made a few tests on my hard disk and said there were 'bad sectors created' internally.He had also formatted in this process when I said that this also might be a software problem(He formatted the entire disk before testing the Hard disk on another laptop).

Then he said it would be around 5k for the entire process.I said thanks and got back home.Then after a day I switched on the laptop and was surprised that the laptop worked perfectly but only for an hour.Then I was sure of getting my laptop fixed.Then again today(14th April) I switched it for a slight hope and fortunately it's working perfectly. Although I wouldn't say it is 100% fast, I would rather say that it works with 85%.The only problem is while  play dota2 the Fps is so bad(5-10 fps).I never had that kind of fps before.

So what my query is, Is there any problem with my hard disk and fan ? I have to admit that My laptop get's heated quickly for the last couple of days.

So please suggest me a way out.Do I need to replace fan only or the hard disk too ?


Dear Sai

I would agree with the technician talking about fan issue. I would recommend you observe the behavior in Windows safe mode (hitting F8 after BIOS screen and selecting Windows Safe mode). this will mostly isolate any software related issues. As far as playing games are concerned, they are usually resource hungry, so you might want check its system requirement and compare if your system meets them.

Hope this helps.  

PC hardware--CPU & Motherboard & RAM

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