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Mr. Rigsby,
I've got a Dell XPS M1710 laptop, and it's been a pretty good one.  Recently someone gave me a Dell Latitude E5500 laptop (hard drive removed), and it has an Intel Core i5 processor.  Since the i5 is a newer cpu than the one in my XPS M1710, would I be able to take the dual core cpu out of my M1710 and replace it with the Core i5 from the E1550?

The short answer is No, unfortunately.

Even if you could successfully get both laptops apart enough to swap CPUs, they're most likely soldered onto the boards and the two motherboards would not be compatible. So an i5 would not work on the motherboard in the M1710.

Laptops aren't really built to be able to do that sort of upgrade. The Latitude E5500 is a nice laptop and I personally would recommend getting a new drive for it. Specifically a solid state one, like a Samsung EVO drive, like an 850 EVO.

You'll also need to get a copy of Windows, or use Linux, but if you do I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much faster and more powerful that E5500 is over your M1710.

If a project like that is something you aren't comfortable with doing then you could get in touch with a local area computer shop to see what they would charge to get that E5500 working.

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