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Please bear with me, I'm not a programmer, learning slowly though. I want to create a basic php page with jQuery tabs, and on every tab, there's a list of objects, with a label next to it that describes the object and a text area for optional notes. Two options are available, either I write some optional notes and then press the button with the object's name on it, or I press the button without writing any optional notes. Now, every time I press a button, I want a table to be filled with the results of the pressed buttons. The image to the right should be the final output. So, let's say I wrote notes and pressed obj1, then just obj1, then just obj2, then notes and obj1, the result should look like that. The results tab shows what has been pressed, and should have an option to delete items from that table. A bit of pointing in the right direction is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Mr.Nabil,
         For ur convenience, i have attached a code for table (with Zebra Rows), also with filter option. please let me know if i should assist you further.

Please use the link below to find the code for the program you have asked. (Hope this helps you)

Looking forward for your reply.

Thank You.


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