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Newbie here.  Very new to programming.  

What I am trying to do is upload an image from my desktop, to my server, and have it displayed on a webpage.  I'm doing this in PHP.

Here's the page I built to upload the image:

When the image is uploaded, it should be:

1. added into server directory folder (sorry, not too sure if my technical terms are correct)

2. It should be displayed on this page (which I also built in PHP):

I'm not sure where my code on the save2web/php script is wrong, but I get an error on the page when I try to upload a pic saying:

Upload: image_of_kitchen.jpg
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 19.01953125Kb
Temp file: /tmp/php8abUQ7

Fatal error: Call to undefined function move_upload_file() in /home/content/03/9499003/html/save2web.php on line 32

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.  

Also, I'm not sure in the script exactly how the webpage knows to place it on the index page.

Any ideas?


I can't troubleshoot much without seeing the code, but I can tell you what that error means.

Somewhere in your upload script, you're calling move_upload_file() on the uploaded file and PHP is basically telling you that the function move_upload_file() doesn't exist. This is because the function is actually called move_uploaded_file()

Make that change and see if it fixes your problem, and if not, paste your code here or on pastebin so that I can have a look.

Good luck!

Kevin Cackler
Tech Daddies, LLC
Russellville, AR Website Development


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