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PHP5/wamp on windows 7


Hello, Vimal Abraham

I use wampserver to develop locally.

Usually there's no problem at the start, but sometimes I noticed that when I refresh my page, it freezes ( it loads but doesn't refresh the page ).

This happens a lot more in Firefox than in Chrome, but it happens on all ( FF, Chrome and IE ) a lot. I sometimes wait for too long before it refreshes the page.

Why is this happening? and how can I solve this?


Hi jake,

       I would like to know whether wamp server crashes, when you try to execute your project or when you try to access http://localhost.

       If you can't access http://localhost or, it means that your wamp server had crashed.

       Since you mentioned that your OS is windows 7, there might be many permission issues. Try reinstalling wamp server in a different partition (other than C:). After installation, right-click the wamp server icon, and select 'run as administrator' option. Also, remember to check whether the http port (80) or https port (443) is occupied by any other services such as IIS (Internet Information Service), used by .NET

       But, what you have reported, has been reported by many developers. Yes, wamp server crashes frequently. So, i would recommend you to go for XAMPP (for windows), which is highly stable and won't encounter frequent crashes.

      You may download the same at the following url.

Let me know, if you need further assistance.

Anyway, thanks for asking.

All the very best !


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