hi how r u?Ive got a question about php.Php is installed on the server right?Its not something that the person who is creating  a webpage has on their computer locally.Php is not something that the person who creates the web page uses.Its just something that provider of the web host controls on their server am i correct.My understanding is that you  install php on different platforms just as long as you meet the requirements but once you do that you are also preparing that system to be a web server.The same goes for apache.The person who actually is working on the webpage that they are planning to load up to the server doesnt typical have these two on their system.Am i correct?Im curious about this because im studying for a job with a web hosting company.I would be a representative who troubleshoots clients issues for that hosting company.I wouldnt actually be in charge of actually setting up the actually setup of the servers.But it still would nice to have a clear understnading

You are correct

Yes, PHP is language used for web development. You can install it on any platform and yes, the computer which has an Apache / PHP installation can be used as a web server.

For example, you have a linux server on which PHP is installed, usually the setup consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL ( and other database systems)  & PHP.

In this case, Linux is operating system (same goes for windows, mac, any flavor of Linux i.e. Ubuntu, Red Hat) and Apache is web server. When a page has a PHP extension, its processed by PHP and the web request is served by Apache. So when someone requests for a page that is written in PHP, Apache hands over the job to PHP processor and PHP returns the processed page to Apache which is then sent to the end user. It usually is plain HTML.

MySQL and other database systems are for data storage purpose and can be programmed in PHP or any other language that supports them.

Let me know if you have more questions.  


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