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Berzerker wrote at 2013-01-15 21:58:23
You also have to take into account that there are NeoDruids, MesoDruids, and Heathen Druids.  NeoDruids spawned out of Wicca, not bad, but not complete(not that anything is really complete).  The groups that got listed are all NeoDruids

MesoDruids are more like Masons.  

Heathen Druids are at little different.  Heathenry is about Family, Community, and Home.  In Heathenry, they attain to be good men and women, good husbands and wives, and good husbands and mothers.  To them Druids are the Higher Educational Tiers.  It is about having knowledge, and making sure it is passed on to the next generation.  

As a Druid, more specifically, a Heathen Druid and a MesoDruid.  I would stay away from any group that sells you a Druid Rank.  Alayne was right, Anyone who says they are the one True Source on Druidry, stay away. Also be wary of any Druid Group that claims lineage farther back than 18th Century.  There is only one left that predates 18th Century, and they are Christian Druid Monastery.  They are also relatively anti social.

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