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Mike wrote at 2013-01-29 19:24:29
Well. In a spiritual sense your spirit could be a werewolf or a wolf.

If you feel like a werewolf you could most possibly be. Well, not physically. And not mentally, but your soul can very much be.

In this world werewolves does not exist. But in the forth dimensions they do.

My soul is a wolf/werewolf. You can know this by astral projection. Have an astral travel and you will know if you're a wolf or not. Although if you're not but want to be, you can just change your souls form and traits to that of a werewolf.


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I can answer questions on the spiritual aspect of Wicca, and Wicca as a path for personal development and spiritual enlightenment. My interest is in the Truth that lives within all religions, rather than the dogma of any one path. Still, I believe Wicca offers perhaps the greatest potential for the spiritual evolution of humanity at this time. Also specialize in divination, magick and manifestation, accessing the Divine Within, and the planetary evolution now underway. One aspect of this is Energy Fields: we can often get caught up in emotions/physical situations that do not reflect our own situation but a need of the morphogenetic field. Something needs healing, and we pick it up as our own mood or illness or what have you, so that we can heal it within ourselves and then offer that healing back to the world. This can be a dangerous situation, if it is out of control. Check in with me to find out if what you are feeling or experiencing is your own, or an energy field you're caught in. I have an extended collection of practices for every spiritual need. I won't offer spells.


I've been a practicing Witch for 25 years. I've studied Reclaiming skills, Goddess spirituality, and some faerie magick - though I'm pretty much a novice in this. I am a High Priestess and an ordained minister. I am a student of many different spiritual paths, including yoga, Sufism, Vipassina, Native Spirituality, and more. I let the wisdom and experience of these traditions inform my practice of Wicca as spiritual devotion. I have been doing divination, particularly tarot, palmistry, and psychic readings for almost as long, professionally and personally. I have developed very successful ways of manifesting desires. I'm vitally interested in the New Sciences, and their implications for Wicca and spirituality. I have extensive experience with spiritual development and spiritual healing - much of it developed as a synthesis of the great practices and truths of many religions - and teaching these to others.

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