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Drakengard wrote at 2011-03-24 18:06:56
I may have an answer for you both.  Sorry for butting in like this, i couldn't help noticing the white panther spirit.  My name is Drakengard.  i am an elemental Wiccan, as well as an expert in spirit animals.  i have one myself. Mine is a black wolf.  E-mail me, either of you, if you want to know more. My e-mail is:  

Puma Cub wrote at 2012-06-24 00:08:18
Since the black panther is a lunar totem, perhaps the white panther is more reminiscent of a solar totem? I have also had a dream of a white panther, where he roared in my face and made a move as though he (or she) were to claw me, but didn't.

Luz wrote at 2013-06-01 04:07:02
Had a super vivid dream and I can't stop thinking about it!

Not sure if you're still around. I haven't been able to find an answer that feels right, so I'll ask you :) Also can't find any pictures of a white panther, but mine was a very light color grey, almost like stone.

Here's the dream:

Waking seeming dream, in my bed... in the same place, same light of day I went to sleep in. Same clothes. I feel something hop on the bed, but it doesnt scare me. I get really nervous and scared when I realize it's a REALLY large cat. I couldn't look it in the eyes, though I tried but I knew he was a very light grey color. He seemed more like a lioness or a panther. It may have just been a huge cat I made up because I can't find an image online that looks the same. I didn't move and he licked my leg and put his head on my lap. He was very heavy and it kept me from moving. At one point he was laying on me the way a dog with lay with you in bed and he sort of playfully pawed at me and nibbled. I laid very still and the dream was over. When I woke up I had this very "everything is solved" kind of feeling. It was all very vivid.... but positive I think.  

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