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Hi, I'm Alyx. I was recently delving into the path of spirit animals and trying to find my totem. I tried a meditation, and what happened was that I was greated by a horse, but it ran off, then I came across a peacock, who puffed it's self up and bowed at me, before turning into a turkey, coloured like a peacock. After that I started to notice that Peacock stuff popped up at me. I found a 10c coin with a peacock on it (I'm from Australia), and remembered as a child, I had used to own a large bag of peacock feathers and used to play with them alot. Not long after, I had these Goddess cards, and was playing a guessing game with my sister with them. I picked the Hera card, which was a woman adorned with peacock feathers and dressed like one and told, her that She HAD to know who that was, but she didn't. I remembered also not long ago, I heard this song called Peacock and I could not stop singing it.

I'm wondering if this could mean that the peacock is my animal totem and what the horse and the turkey were doing in my vision thing. I'm also wondering if Hera is my Matron Goddess, Please help.

It sounds like the peacock could just be. Have you tried asking your guides? Also a fun way to find out too is to get a totem deck. [ ] Hera will have to  speak out to you, but you can simply just ask her.  

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