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merry meet miss green,
i am still relatively new to wicca and am at the moment a solitary witch. as such i have no one to ask my questions to. anyway my question is: about a month ago i was in Maine for a cousin's wedding. we had gone to a bookstore nearby ad i picked up a book on the Morrighan. as i was reading it while sitting outside a hummingbird showed up not even two feet from me. i found it strange as it was positively freezing out and I've never had that happen before. the hummingbird so close to me that is. and as far as i remember that is the first time I've seen a hummingbird in person. I've always read that any instance such as this could symbolize something. so my question is, as i am new to the craft, have you any idea what this might mean?
thank you and blessed be,

Merry meet,

I wouldn't put too much significance on any majikal symbolism of hummingbirds. I'd focus instead on how you felt when it happened. Did you feel a sense of excitement and wonder? I notice your mind jumped immediately to Wicca. Perhaps then it's just a sign that you're embarking on a journey that will bring exciting new things to your spiritual life.

Blessed be,

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I can answer questions about being a solitary witch, as well as the history of pagan religions and witchcraft, and the teenage perspective. I can also help you learn about a variety of divinitory and magical methods if you want an introduction. NOTE: I will generally not give you a premade spell to do something,and also refuse to take part in anything unethical - please remember I'm a person, not an automatic spell-dispensing machine.


I was a practicing solitary for almost 2 years, and have been studying wicca for some years before that in an effort to make my decision. I've also taken a class on paganism, both historical and contemporary, and have informally taught several students. I specifically spend a lot of time with younger students, and so can provide a younger perspective.

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