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I have read that tattoos depicting a gypsy represent good fortune/looking to the future amongst other things. However, the figure is often accompanied by other imagery such as: snakes, skulls, peacocks/peacock feathers, and roses. Do any of these symbols carry meaning in the gypsy culture? And if so, would the meaning behind each respective symbol change depending on the particular gypsy tradition?

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As a gypsy I know no fortune to having a tattoo of a gypsy on you.  Another culture made that up.
Tattoos; however, are prevalent in gypsy cultures.  And the meanings may vary slightly between clans or sects.
In my clan we are supposed to get our first tattoo when we come into the faith, usually between 13 and 16 years of age depending on the situation.  After that you get one for every main event in your life; births deaths, marriages, or any other major moment that needs commemoration.  Examples of mine - I got a pheonix on the first year anniversary of my husbands death to symbolize crashing and burning and starting over.  I have a yin yang made with dragons to symbolize the struggle we all face maintaining that balance. I have a rainbow with the moon on one end and the sun on the other to symbolize that all things connect the God to the Goddess.
Snakes symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, this comes from the shedding of the skin.  Roses are symbols of the Goddess, as the Moon is.  The color can change the focus but it is always female power.  
The symbol you choose should have more to do with what is meaningful to you than society.  You can always explain it to God/dess.  Different cultures place different meanings on certain symbols.
Please fell free to ask more questions about certain symbols or to clarify this answer.

Talismans are Power...this is what tattoos are all about.

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