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I am a pregnant woman working as an RN at a hospital that just started a policy stating that all employees are to be vaccinated against the flu.  My belief on the matter is that my body was built the way it is for a reason and introducing poison in any form, including vaccinations, is going against what nature intended.  I am currently trying to get a religious exemption from the vaccine and am looking for advice from a religious expert.  Do you have any advice you could offer me or do you know of anyone who could help?

You want a Christian Scientist I think.
We beleive God/dess gave us a brain to learn things, including medicine.  While I am an herbalist for the most part, and always try natural remedies before seeking to put chemicals in my body, I realize that some things are worth the prevention.  I have found that I either avoid the flu all together or have a reduced severity if i do catch it since I have been vaccinated...and I work in an elementary school which is almost as bad as a hospital for germs!
I understand your concern being pregnant, that does change the picture a bit.  I hope you find what you need but its not here.

Blessed Be and Good Fortune to the baby,

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