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I am a beginner to wiccan and my brother has become quite depressed. I want to help him without leting him know what it is I am doing using a wiccan spell. Can you please help me?

Thank you so much!


Sorry for the late response but I spent some time trying to find a spell that speialized in depression.  I couldn't.  In these situations we do three things.  First, we cleanse the home or area where the affected person lives.  It could be that the depressed person is being affected by negative energy from an outside source.  Second, we do positive energy meditations.  We seek to find whatever problems within that are making the person have difficulty maintaining self esteem.  These are just general warm fuzzy meditations to begin with.  Some Child of the Goddess relaxation.  Then some confidence building.  Third, we rebuild personal power.
You MUST realize that derpression is a very personal and powerful feeling that is WITHIN the sufferer.  You cannot repair this condition without their cooperation.  ou could do some area cleansing of the home maybe but your brother needs to be active in his recovery.  My brother and my son are bipolar.  I understand what you are dealing with.  But you cannot work this from the outside.

My heart goes out to you,

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