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Sometime ago I became an innocent participant in some kind of witch feud.  I did not take part in any kind of ritual but I was apparently the target of at least one person's jealousy.  I believe that my sexuality was bound in some way to destroy my relationship at that time.  It succeeded.  In addition to preventing any kind of sexual enjoyment, I am plagued by bad luck, can't hold down a job and lead a very lonely life as every relationship and friendship fails, and my home is always under psychic attack which I can't stop.  Now, some years later, I am still affected by it and I would dearly like to find a way to undo whatever was done.  Can you advise me please.


Hail and well met!  I have offered this protection before and I know that it is very very effective.  I am suggesting the following for your protection: Create and carry a "mojo-bag;" obtain the suggested pendant (below); use the suggested spell (below); and research for purchase Dion Fortune's text "Psychic Self Defense" or other texts within the genre.  Here is the spell and suggestions for your use:

You should create what is commonly known as a "mojo bag" to protect yourself.  Place the following items in a small black colored pouch for you to carry on your person or in your purse:  one piece of crystal quartz, one piece of copper (older Penny, etc.), a feather from a pigeon, a small piece of red colored cord, a few of YOUR fingernail clippings, mint leaves, and some sage.  Take the bag and place it on your altar.  Meditate and sprinkle the bag with anointing oil.  Thank the Archangel Michael (Mee-chi-el) and ask for his protection.  Carry the bag at all times.  In addition I would suggest the purchase and use of the following amulet for personal protection from malevolent spirits to be worn around the neck commonly known as the "Secret Seal of Solomon Talisman."  You should be able to find this talisman as an amulet necklace for under twenty ($20.00) U.S. Dollars in many places perhaps locally where you live or definitely on the Internet.  It was designed for Western Ceremonial Magick purposes and inspired by King Solomon himself who ostensibly used it for protection against demonic and negative spiritual forces when he imprisoned demons in a brass vessel.  It is still as valid and useful today and I highly recommend it for the protection you require.  In fact, if you do nothing else you absolutely should acquire the talisman and wear it.  

In addition, here is a simple protection chant to protect you from evil brought on by negative spiritual energy.  You should do this before and after experiencing negativity and evil:

While holding a piece of copper (e.g., the Penny), visualize yourself sitting in the middle of a pentagram facing upwards with 3 circles of purple light around you and say:  

"PROTECT (state your name) WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT
say it three times in succession and then end it with the words: "SO MOTE IT BE."

On alternate days chant this spell (again while holding the piece of copper):

EVIL TO THE GROUND."  Say it three times and end it
with the words: "SO MOTE IT BE."

More than anything else you need to visualize the protection around yourself and the negative energy attached to you being grounded and harmlessly dissipated.

Be blessed!  I have every confidence that this will work.  You should be able to free yourself from this turn of bad luck, etc.  


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