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Merry Meet Mr. Bayley!

First, I would like to say thank you for such a great service you and this site provides.  

I have been praying to the moon my whole life.  I have been a solitary practioner for a decade.  I am also a mother of two.

My question is that I feel as though my spirit wants me to expand my horizons.  I have always been focused on plants/herbs/flowers and such.

Part of me is drawn to divination.  I am not that into tarot. (This suprises a lot of my peers.)  I am drawn to scrying and communicating with the "other side".  I feel as though something has been trying to hold me back.  Somedays, I feel as though I maybe "spiritually stagnant" for that day.  Somedays, I feel the love and warmth of the Goddess around me.  Something is trying to bring me down and into a fog.  How can I stop this and find what is meant for me to pursue.  Could you please help? I would really appreciate it!  Thanks! :)


Merry meet!

Sadly, this is the nature of humanity -- sometimes you just can't make your brain perform at its best. I've noticed this in my spiritual life, my creative life as a writer, my professional life at my job, and my love life; in all cases there are just some days I feel tired, slow, and burned out, like my well has run empty. It's usually a sign I'm trying to do too much without recharging my batteries; try taking the day off to do something that makes you feel happy, like reading a book or meditating or working in a garden. If it persists for several days, try shaking things up a little; you'd be surprised how much brighter life looks after, say, deep cleaning your house or going out to the movies or something else productive that you rarely do.

As for the deeper questions, if you feel drawn to and enjoy divination, then that's what you're  meant to do; it doesn't sound like you have trouble finding what you're meant for, but you may be holding yourself to too high a standard. It's easy for people to feel stagnant, particularly when practicing solitary, but all that's needed is usually a change of pace. Try studying some new aspect of your craft that interests you, or pick up a book written from a new perspective.

Blessed be,

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I can answer questions about being a solitary witch, as well as the history of pagan religions and witchcraft, and the teenage perspective. I can also help you learn about a variety of divinitory and magical methods if you want an introduction. NOTE: I will generally not give you a premade spell to do something,and also refuse to take part in anything unethical - please remember I'm a person, not an automatic spell-dispensing machine.


I was a practicing solitary for almost 2 years, and have been studying wicca for some years before that in an effort to make my decision. I've also taken a class on paganism, both historical and contemporary, and have informally taught several students. I specifically spend a lot of time with younger students, and so can provide a younger perspective.

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