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I have been studying Wicca traditiions and history, I have cast a circle to meditate in a couple of times.  Recently my son and and his wife's home was broken into apparently by someone close to them and could pose a threat to them and their children.  First I would like to cast a protection spell on their home, first and foremost. Second I would like to cast a honesty and/or justice spell. But only in that that lawful justice be served not one of anger from the victims. I want to make sure I stay within the white magick traditiions and I am not sure if I would be with a justice spell. Or maybe you could suggest more appropriate measures.

One thing you can always add in to an incantation is:

"With harm to none, so mote it be"

Pay careful attention to how you feel. Put those emotions and thoughts on the back burner. You can also call on Archangel Michael to bring justice to those who deserve it. That way, an Archangel is working on your behalf rather than you (which in my view is always a safe-karma route since angels are pure love). If ever you feel those emotions and visualise harm to those who you think deserve it, call on an Archangel to take over. A simple thought is all you need to harm someone - that was MY first lesson in magick.

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