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Hi Labyrinth,

I met someone 5 months ago we immdediately hit it off and a love affair started between us. I say affair coz he already told me he was in a stable relationship. But at that time it didn't matter because he was a by passing traveler and was set to leave back to where he came from after three days so it was supposed to be a fling for fun. Well he didn't leave and he has now settled in the country where I live. I though it was going to be a one night stand coz this is how it started but it turned into an intimate relationship where we have lots of love and respect for each other. We also found out later that we both do the same work involving volunteering to provide humanitarian needs so we started collaborating together and today we have the most successful small NGO in the country.
But then , his girlfriend came over to stay with him and as you can imagine it got complicated. Once he flirted with her around me which hurt me deeply and when I asked him why he did that he said that this is how it is and he had to test me to see if I could take it. And I said well you know what I cannot take any of this anymore let s part. At first he thought I was bluffing but then next time he approached me I said look I want out of work coz I don't want to be around you anymore. Then he freaked out and said look I don't want to lose you completely leave work alone we can still do it through phone and email , and we can always stay friends. I said we ll try. And now we are in the trying phaze.
And I am not happy. I want him back . Just like we were. And I m too proud to approach him and I guess he would be too scared to approach me after what I did in case I tell him let s totally part again. I know deep inside me that he has strong feelings towards me I know our relationship is very special it is such a shame to throw it away. But I don't want a stable relationship which ends with a marriage and he does , so I cannot ask him to leave his GF when I cannot be the replacement.

I want to cast a spell to get him back , and find out how he feels about me.


It wasn't intended to be feminist.  Men and women provide perfect balance for each other when the roles are attended to properly in a relationship.  Men - in general, not ALL - tend to be weaker when it comes to will power, especially when confronted with the sexuality of women.  In natural spirituality, it is the woman who is considered responsible for maintaining fidelity.  The dog comment was referring to the nature of dog spirit, which while having the positive qualities of loyalty and protectiveness, also has the annoying habits of impulsiveness and brashness.

We do not cast spells for this.  Love cannot be conjured from magick.  When you do it comes out sick and twisted.

Women are the responsible parties in these kind of things.  Men are like dogs when it comes to love and sex, sneaking around and eating out of the garbage.  They can't help it most of the time.  But women know better.  You knew you were with another woman's man.  And that's okay. But now there are consequences to face. There are three ways this can happen.  One - he stays with her, it's done, you walk away from him, you choose to work or not, up to you.  Two - he leaves her and stays with you, and you deal with whatever craziness comes out of her, and believe me, it will.   Three - you stay the mistress, she never knows, you take what he can give you, fully understanding that he also loves her, then you have to take it, just like he said.  If you don't want the whole package then tell him.  Sorry I went nuts, it's the jealous bitch in me, I'm good now.  But remember she is just a GIRLFRIEND, not a wife.  So technically he is up for grabs...

Yule is a time of male power.  Don't push him.  Women pounce at midsummer.  

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