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Hi for the past month,i have been dealing with two sets of noisy neighbors. ilive in an apartment building,I have a problem right next to me,and directly across the hall. I have not slept manager has done nothing,the police come,and the noise gets worst. Im at my wits end. i am not familar with wicca,but a family member suggested I ask someone who can give me advice. I have to share the halls with these facing them gets harder. nothing short of hitting them with a shovel. please is there a simple ritual or prayer to get them to leave? please Im desperate.

Instead of a prayer, how about a powder to sprinkle?

Your location says Maryland.  Candles Crystals and Cauldrons in Hampden has Hot Foot Powder.  Just sprinkle it on their doorstep and once they walk through it, they hot foot it outta there.  Designed to make crappy neighbors move away.  Just don't walk in it yourself. :)

The Turning Wheel in Overlea also has some oils that could help.  

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