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I am currently on the path to become a veterinarian but  since I am a pagan and see all life as sacred I am having  some difficulties with the fact that I am required to take the lives of animals in order to learn as well as the fact I will have to take lives as a vet. I wondered if there was a prayer or ritual to help ease the passing of these souls and to thank them for their sacrifice. And to help me deal with what will ultimately be the darkest part of my career.
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Ok. I see I didn't really answer this completely.  I would suggest just praying.  And you don't need to be really obvious about it or your classmates will get all weird.  I would recommend general honoring of Diana and any other animal oriented Goddesses.  Bast for cats, Epona for horses, etc.  But I really meant what I said.  The goddess will know your heart.  If you feel like you are having karma issues, which I just do not beleive you will, you can adjust the balance by contributing to animals in a positive way, like volunteering at a shelter.  

The God/dess gave us a brain to learn to do things that give back to the world.  You may have to dissect a few creatures to become a vet, but a pagan would be really good vet.  Do thank the creatures for their sacrifice.  The Goddess will know your heart.  This is a good goal.  Do not turn back.  

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