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Hi...I have two questions.Is it possible for transmigration of souls to occur?Like can we experience one lifetime as a cat,and another as a human or plant?

My second question regards an experience my life partner had at a secluded fishing hole. She said that after leaving a more public fishing hole because two drunks showed up,she left to find another she knew about.She said she was catching nothing,and after about two hours,a handsome blonde man came out of the thicket. She said one thing she noticed about him was he had a tattoo of a sun and moon on his right wrist..She complimeted it,and asked what it meant.He said he didn't wish to discuss it,so she dropped it.He asked what she was doing here,not many people knew about the place.She told him of the drunks,and if you'll forgive my quote,he said 'yeah,alcohol seems to grow assholes sometimes'.After a few more minutes of amiable conversation,he said 'may you catch many fish,peace be with your journey'.She said as he left,she's never felt such peace. No sooner had he left,she had a bite.She caught the fish,and ran to show him,but he was nowhere to be found.She said where they were at,there was no way he could've left that quickly. Who do you think she was visited by?

Brightest Blessings!

Transmigration hasn't been a part of my spiritual understanding, but it is a large tenant in some faiths.  From insects, to animals and people.  (plants don't seem to be mentioned).

It sounds as though she met a kindred spirit.  I see two possibilities. Either A) she was fishing longer than she thought, and he was just able to get back to where he came from (home, etc).  Or the spirit of a man who  really enjoyed that particular spot and chose to guard it in his afterlife.  

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