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My boyfriend an I were having a conversation on when I had a child spirt attach to me and hide behind me as if i was protecting her. It was a haunted orphanage where children were hurt pretty bad. An we went there just randomly my friend seen her hissing behind me an I felt her holding onto my arm. I could tell she was about 6 years old by her height. Ever sense then I have seen a lot more things an felt the cold of other child spirits grabbing my hand an feeling them hide behind me. I am looking for answers that not many can answer. I was also told I could be clairvoyant. Do you think you could answer my questions?

What you didn't understand is that I was wondering what I was if I'm a protector. I was also wondering if I could be a empath. I've looked in my two books to try to answer these questions yet I can't find anything. So could you maybe answer as to why I feel spirts attach to me an they always seem like I'm protecting them.

If I am clear about your question, you want to know what kind of spiritual skill this is?

The ability to see and communicate with ghosts and other spirits is generally the skill of a medium.  Being a medium often means that they will seek you out for help.  Sometimes that means protecting them from other spirits and situations. Best thing  you can do is learn some spells for assisting in crossing over.   The whole thing about how they are here because they need to contact someone or finish something is VERY VERY rare.  Most just got lost or confused for some reason and need help crossing over.
Now, we just came off the Feast of the Dead - All Hallow's, All Saint's, and All Soul's - and the veil betweent he world is thinner at that time and it is easier for them to come and go during these three days.  As a medium, you should always do crossing over rituals these three nights and protect your home from wandering spirits by keeping a white candle and a small bowl of milk in all the window and doorways.  
An empath is someone who can feel the emotions of other live people.  You can understand where they are coming from by having a deep connection with their subconscious.  An empath cannot read minds, just feel feelings, even the ones they are trying to hide, or don't even know they are having.
Another reason children's spirits hang around women is to be reborn.  When you are about to get pregnant, spirits - well not just kids but any spirit ready to be reincarnated - will hang around and assess you for your potential as a mother vessel.  Most women are not aware of this at all, but if you are a medium it will be obvious.  The spirit will probably even talk to you and let you know what it should be named.  
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